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Anger Management

Anger levels are different among various people. Many people can manage their anger skillfully while others cannot handle their anger at all and it becomes uncontrollable rage. To know the difference between the two means being able to identify the type of anger that you have. When you have this information you will be able to make proper and informed choices on the ways to treat it or if you should seek help.

Behavioral Anger

When somebody experiences behavioral anger they tend to be or become very aggressive and tends to confront the other person that is causing the reason behind the anger. Usually this is another person anyways. Trouble making, physical harm, and defiance are the regular ways that people tend to express behavioral anger.

Overwhelming Anger

This is an expression of anger because this person does not enjoy the situation that they are involved in and will sometimes feel this type of anger. To get out of this type of situation the person that possesses this type of anger will often try to hurt other people or himself verbally or physically.

Self-inflicted Anger

The person that has this type of anger is often angry with himself or herself for something that they have done in the past. They will often try to harm themselves with something and this is a very dangerous anger to possess.

Retaliatory Anger

This is the most commonly associated type of anger involved with men. This often occurs when a person gets angry and somebody because that other person is first angry with them.

Chronic Anger

Somebody experiencing chronic anger usually doesn't even need a reason to be come angry. They often just hate their life, their self, their job, other people, and basically the entire world.

Verbal Anger

Obviously by the title this is anger that is expressed by words instead of actions. Generally these words are insulting to the other person involved in the confrontation.

Paranoid Anger

Somebody with paranoid anger is generally intimated by others and may even be jealous of others. This anger often turns into hating anybody around him even though they may have not done anything wrong.

Constructive Anger

Somebody that has this type of anger usually wants to fix something that they have done wrong in the past. Generally people involved in protests and movements possesses this type of anger.

Judgmental Anger

Similar but not the same as verbal anger somebody that has this type of anger often wants to show their superiority. They will often express their emotion by putting others down or making fun of their abilities in front of others to show off.

Passive Anger

Somebody who has this type of anger does not show it, at least not directly. They will often verbally assault, mock, or treat the person involved in their anger differently.

Deliberate Anger

Somebody feeling this type of anger generally wants to assert control over a situation and a group of people. Generally they try to gain the control through a conflict with another person.

Volatile Anger

Volatile anger covers a very large spectrum of emotions. It can come and go very easily and range from mild anger to severe rage. It will often be expressed through verbal or physical abuse. The level of this anger will depend on the person who is controlling it and their own proficiency at anger management.

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