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Missed Call Balance Checking & SMS Banking

Missed Call Banking service is a new jargon in the Banking industry.
As the name suggests this provides the banking services by just 
giving a miss call Missed Call Banking service includes Balance 
Enquiry, Mini Statement, Check Book Request, Account Statement 
Request, Email Statement request and other services.

A few years back, Banks were started the SMS Banking for non-
financial transactions. So, We were utilizing the SMS Banking 
services for the non-financial transactions like - Balance Enquiry, 
Mini Statement, Check Book Request, Account Statement Request, 
Email Statement request etc.

As now a days when banking charges for ATM transactions are 
increasing  SMS Banking and Missed Call Banking comes as a rescue
for the customers from wasting money in non-financial transactions 
like Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Check Book Request, 
Account Statement Request, Email Statement request etc.

SMS Banking service is little bit chargeable as we pay the SMS 
charges to our service providers. But even this is far better than 
ATM transactions as SMS charges are very low due to major competitions
in the market.

If we talk about the Missed Call Banking this is totally free as just 
we need to give a miss to the number given by our Bank.

In case of both SMS Banking and Missed Call Banking service 
there is only one pre-requite that we need to complete before 
using these services, i.e. enable Mobile Banking for your account 
by visiting your respective banks.

Below are the procedure for Missed Call Banking Service and 
SMS Banking Service for the various Banks in India.

1 : Axis Bank

Axis Bank
Missed Call Banking 
Balance Enquiry - 09225892258

2 : Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank
Missed Call Banking - 09223011300. Make a call to this number 
using your registered mobile number. The call will get disconnected 
and you will get SMS containing account balance details.

3 : Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank
The number associated with Allahabad Bank is- 09224150150
The same process of giving a missed call is to be done. 
SMS containing account balance details will reach the customer’s 
registered mobile number.

4 : Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda logo
Missed Call Banking - 09223011311. Give call to this number 
and get SMS containing details to your registered mobile number.

5 : Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Bharatiya Mahila Bank logo
The balance checking number of this bank is - 09212438888
Do the same missed call process and get account balance 
details sent to your registered mobile number!

6 : Dhanlaxmi Bank

Dhanlaxmi Bank logo
Balance enquiry number of Dhanlaxmi Bank is - 08067747700
Give missed call and get details of account balance on phone.

7 : IDBI Bank

IDBI Bank logo
Missed Call Banking
Balance enquiry - 09212993399

8 : Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank
Missed Call Banking 
Balance Enquiry - 1800 274 0110

SMS Banking

Send an SMS in below format to the number 
9971056767 or 5676788 from your registered mobile number.

9 : Syndicate Bank

Syndicate bank logo
Before using the Syndicate Bank Missed Call Banking Service 
you need to register for Syndicate Bank Missed Call Banking 
Service by sending a simple SMS to the number 09664552255
from your registered Mobile number.This is one time activity.
Type below SMS and send to the number 09664552255
After sending above SMS you will get the confirmation from 
Syndicate Bank for Missed Call Banking. After the confirmation 
you can use the Syndicate Bank Missed Call Service.

Missed Call Banking 

Balance Enquiry - 09664552255 

SMS Banking 

Note :- If you are holding multiple accounts with Syndicate Bank,
then you can send the below SMS to the number 09664552255 
for changing your Default Account Number - SACC

10 : Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank logo
Missed Call Banking 
Balance Enquiry - 1800 180 2222 or 0124-2340000

11 : ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank wiki
Missed Call Banking  
Balance enquiry number is- 02230256767
Last 3 transactions - 022 302 56868

SMS Banking

Send sms from your registered Mobile number to the 
number 9215676766.

12 : HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank logo
Give a Miss Call to below number from your registered Mobile number for 
using HDFC Bank. 
Missed Call Banking Service. You will get a message from HDFC 
Bank immediately for the respective service.
Balance Enquiry - 1800-270-3333
Last 3 transactions - 1800-270-3355
For Check Book Request - 1800-270-3366
For Acccount Statement - 1800-270-3377

SMS from your registered Mobile number to 9215676766 in below 
format (given in bold)
Balance Enquiry - bal
For Mini Statement - txn
Cheque Status Enquiry -  cst <6 cheque="" digit="" no.="">

13 : Bank of India

Bank of India logo
Missed Call Banking
Balance Enquiry - 022 33598550

14 : Canara Bank

Canara Bank logo
Missed Call Banking - 
Balance Enquiry - 09289292892
Last three transaction details - 09289192891

15 : Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India
Give missed call to this number- 09222250000.

16 : Karnataka Bank

Karnataka Bank
Give missed call from registered mobile to this number. 
Get account details via SMS!
Missed Call Banking - 
Balance Enquiry - 1800 425 1445
Mini Statement - 1800 425 1446

17 : Indian Bank

Missed Call Banking -
Balance Enquiry - 09289592895

18 : State Bank of India

SBI logo

Make use of any of the following numbers- 1800112211 or 18004253800.

19 : Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India logo
The balance checking number of this bank is- 09223009292.

20 : UCO Bank

UCO Bank logo
Missed Call Banking-
Balance enquiry number is - 09278792787.

21 : Vijaya Bank

Vijaya Bank
Missed Call Banking - 
For Balance Enquiry - 1800 266 5555
Mini Statement (Last 7 transactions) - 1800 266 5556

22 : Yes Bank

Yes Bank
Missed Call Banking
The account balance checking number of Yes Bank is- 09840909000
Give missed call to this number and get account balance details sent to
your registered mobile number via an SMS!

SMS Banking
Send an SMS in below format to the number 9840909000 from your 
registered mobile number for Yes Bank SMS Banking.

23 : Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank

Missed Call Banking
Balance Enquiry - 09211937373

Please note that to make use of this missed call service, 
your mobile number must be registered with the bank! 
This service is free of cost!

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Monday, December 22, 2014