Monday, June 06, 2011

10 Qualities Every Friend Should Have

These are ten qualities every friend should have:

1) HONESTY - Honesty is the best policy to keep a friendship alive. A real friend will always tell the truth and never lie. Everyone wants a "true friend" and you will never maintain your friendship if you don't tell the truth, even if it hurts. If your friend discovers you know certain important facts which maybe hurts you and you hide this information you will lose trust and friendship is based upon this bond.

2) A GOOD LISTENER - You need a friend to share your problems with. You don't want to talk with everyone about the problems you have and a real friend will listen and will try to give some useful advice. A friend will listen to your problems and give his/her opinion without interfering.

3) TRUSTWORTHINESS - Trust is an important aspect in every friendship. You share almost everything with your friend and also confidential information. You need to rely on your friend's word to keep this information between you and your friend.

4) RESPECT - Everyone has different opinions and it is important your friend shows respect for your point of view. It is not necessary he agrees with your points and can sometimes try to change your mind but he need always to respect you, even if he disagrees with you.

5) MAKING FUN - A friend is not only valuable for your problems but you need someone to make fun with. Everyone needs to laugh and some humor is necessary in your friendship.

6) GOOD COMPANY - You will do many activities together with your friend. Maybe you are going together to a movie, theatre or a concert or you travel together. Your friend needs to be good company for enjoying your entertainment activity.

7) PATIENCE - There are circumstances where patience of your friend is necessary. It is possible you complain about certain issues which you can't share with someone else. Patience is an important quality your friend needs to help you through this process.

8) FORGIVENESS - An important quality of a true friend. It is necessary when some problems arise between you and your friend. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they say things they don't mean. Forgiveness is important for maintaining your friendship and nobody will lose his or her best friend for a misunderstanding or a small conflict.

9) ENCOURAGEMENT - There are always periods in your life when you feel down or maybe a little bit depressed. A good friend will encourage his/her friend to do things for feeling better. Encouragement is a great quality every friend should have for helping each other through a difficult process.

10) CARING - A real friend will always care for you, in good and bad situations. If you are sick he will try to visit you as much as possible. He will always care for you no matter which problem you have and will give you the necessary support to reach certain goals.

A real friend will always possesses these ten qualities and even more which can be important for you. If you also give these qualities to your friend there is no chance that your friendship will ever break. These qualities are important for a lifetime friendship and that is what we all expect from a real friendship. If you have friends with these qualities you have to cherish them because these qualities of your friend are vital in your life.

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  1. Is this your own article r copied from anywhere.. Not insulting just asking????

  2. That True.. Now-a-days nobody is like this. . Also we should limit our expectations . .