Monday, February 17, 2014

Shovin's Birthday

Hi all,
I am so glad to share these snaps in this posting. We celebrated our son Shovin's first birthday on Feb'16 at Mubarak Restaurant, Martandam. In the party most of all my friends, brothers, sisters and family members attended and made the party a memorable one. Thank you all for your wishes & blessings.

Birthday Cake.

Welcome banner

Banner screen on stage.

We behind the cake.

Cake cutting ceremony.

My wife giving cake to Shovin.

Me giving cake to my son.

Cake from his grandpa.

Cake from his grandma.

Our family snap.

My sister's family.

Shovin with his new BMW.

Another snap with BMW.

My office friends in the party.

Redsox team mates.

My friend Sreejith in the party.

Sivathanu with us.

Srivas with us.

Mala with her hubby.

Mr & Mrs Sam with us.

Thanislas periappa & periamma.

Mathi periappa & periamma.

Mani uncle with his family.

Nisha sister with her family.

Aji bro with his family.

Mr & Mrs Rajkumar with his family.

Arun & his family.

Jeevitha with her family.

Shovin with his grandpa & grandma.

Me & Shovin konchifying.

Aravind & Shobha..


  1. Very happy to see all Pictures...I missed it..I am sorry Aravind...

    1. No comments. I no need any explanations from you.

  2. All the photos were nice and the way u have presented it is also very nice.Feeling very very happy on seeing the entire birthday party through the photos . My family photo is missing. Really I am a little sad that I am not in the photo.

    1. Seeing the party via snaps is not good. You should have attended the family function.

  3. Superb, Belated B'day wishes Shovin :) God bless !

    1. Thankz. Convey my regards to Veera mam.