Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Achievements

There is a saying in Tamil "வீடு கட்டி பார்!!! கல்யாணம் செய்து பார்!!!" I did both in this same year 2011. I feel so happy for this achievement, though I struggled a lot for this. I thank my Mum, Dad, Wife, Friends, God and all well wishers.. This is a year of Success. Hope Success in 2012 too.. Expecting a lot.

My new Home

My Marriage Snap

Aravind T..


  1. Dai hope same ha? ? what you mean? ? ha ha Congrats Mapla Sorry Puthu Mapla!!!!

  2. Kudos dude :)

    Rock d way..

    Hope the same in 2012 too..
    Whether she knew this?? lol

  3. @Sivathanu @Srivas Ada Paavingala.. I meant the year of Success.. Vera ethuvum illa..

  4. Congrats Anna....May God bless your upcoming days too:):)

  5. Congratulations Aravind! You deserve all the success that comes your way..... but I think one more marriage is not necessary, no? what do you say? :D hehe!

  6. @Jane Mam, This is not good.. I meant only the 'Success' in it.. Expect some other things in 2012.. Hope you understand.. I expect that, atleast in 2012.